Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Redemption: Pirate Adventure Story

The Redemption, by M. L. Tyndall, begins a new pirate adventure series, “Legacy of the King’s Pirates.” Set in 1665 in the Caribbean, The Redemption follows the story of Lady Charlisse Bristol, who has fled England to search for her only relative, a father she has never known. She soon is shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island, until a pirate ship, The Redemption, arrives. Captain Edmund Merrick is a “legal pirate” in the service of Great Britain to attack only Spanish ships, though the rest of his crew are hardened pirates. Merrick also has recently become a Christian and daily struggles with his old nature and new life in Christ.

Merrick assists the young Charlisse Bristol in her search to find her father. However, he soon learns that her father is the very wicked and violent “Edward the Terror,” the very pirate Edmund has been searching for—to bring to justice. Edmund also struggles with his own temptations with the beautiful lady while keeping his crew away from her. Throughout the story, Charlisse and Edmund grow in their relationship to each other, as Charlisse learns to trust and accept help from Edmund, while also learning about the true Heavenly Father she needs even more than a human father.

Much of the story takes place in Port Royal, the main port of Jamaica at that time and the special attraction of pirate ships. The Redemption skillfully depicts the wickedness of Port Royal, the “Sodom of the New World” as it was known by the 1660s (), integrating the story of Edmund and his pirate shipmates with the local population of prostitutes and generally disreputable folk. Yet a small church, and its pastor Reverend Thomas Buchan, provide a great contrast and the Christian element for this story. For The Redemption is much more than a pirate and romance story, but a strong story about God’s redeeming love for His own, including these two characters, Edmund and Charlisse.

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