Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Where Hearts Live (by Sara DuBose)

Reviewed by Rita Gerlach
There is something special about the Southern Writer, a special bond with storytelling, a unique style in the weaving of the craft of storytelling.

Sara DuBose is as good a southern writer as one would expect to find. Her unique and heartwarming book, Where Hearts Live, is a gem. She paints a picture of Chantilly, Alabama in the early 1950's that changed my mental picture of the deep south being all swamp and heat. Instead her vivid writing style introduced me to houses with front porch swings, hospitality, and shady magnolia trees, as well to a plethora of characters.

Where Hearts Live is a book for young and old alike. The childhood stories of Mary Lynn take us back to our own childhood, for most of us more than likely experienced similar situations.

Where Hearts Live is filled with characters that are real...much like Twain did in his books. There is the lovable Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Molly, and Grandma Lil, and Preacher Sam, a Burl Ives type pastor, whose sound theology, love for children, and gift for storytelling make him a beloved figure in the community and in Mary Lynn's heart. The book would not have been complete without Mary Lynn's dog, Sir Prize. The dialogue is fresh and believable.

I really loved reading this book. I highly recommend it for a relaxing read. Also it is a good book for young readers. Mom's, try reading this one to your kids before bedtime.

Where Hearts Live is also a book that takes us back to a time when values were valued, when love was the cement that bound families together. Where Hearts Live would make a good movie or play. Do not hesitate to read Ms. DuBose's delightful book. You won't regret it!

Reviewer's bio: Rita Gerlach is the author The Rebel's Pledge, a romantic historical novel of Colonial times. She writes with an inspirational mindset. She has written several articles for The Christian Communicator Magazine, and is preparing to publish two new historical novels in a series, a story of the Revolution, England, and the wilderness of Maryland, entitled Thorns In Eden with the sequel The Everlasting Mountains.

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